Snow Chain Hire

Snow Chain Hire, Mt Beauty-Tawonga- Falls Creek

When entering the National Park in Victoria it is required by law to carry  snow chains, we are conveniently located in Tawonga just before Mt Beauty. Our diamond pattern snow chains can be hired separately or as part of a ski package.

Hassle free after hours chain hire.

Drop us a quick line with your tyre size ( you can find this in your manual or or on the tyre, it will look like this (225 x 45 x 16) we will reserve it for you to pick up  on your way through, even if it is after hours. Book now!
Ring 03 57544719 with your c/card details for a pick up and go.
Our chains hire rates are quoted in Australian dollars, inclusive of GST. To convert our fees to your own currency, please click here.

Number of hire days  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Chains (4WD and Diamond) $20 $38 $50 $55 $60 $65 FREE ($65)
Features: Diamond Pattern Easy Fit Snow Chains’ with side tension spring, & auto locking lever, 1 side fitting without moving the vehicle.
Available in 3 types : KN Series 3.8 mm Hardened Cross Chains suitable for 2 Wheel Drive Cars & small 4 Wheel Drives.(Retail Model) KR Series 4.5 mm Hardened Cross Chains suitable for 2 Wheel Drive Cars & small 4 Wheel Drives.(Rental Model) KB Series 4.5 mm Hardened Cross Chains suitable for 4 Wheel Drives & Commercial Vehicles.(For Retail & Rental)

Chain Fitting Video

How to correctly fit snow chains on your vehicle

  • Correct fitting chains must always be carried during the official snow season in any alpine area; note that four-wheel drive vehicles are not exempt from this rule in the Victorian National Parks.
  • Chains must be fitted at the designated chain fitting bays or when directed by resort staff
  • Chains should be fitted in pairs as follows: Front wheel drive – fit on front wheels Rear wheel drive – fit  on rear wheel drive Four-wheel drive – fit on front wheels

What is the correct axle position of snow chains on 4-wheel drive vehicles?

A four-wheel drive with all 4 wheels engaged should have the chains at least fitted to the front wheels to assist both with steering and traction. The only exception to the fitting of chains to the front wheels is when the vehicle manufacturer specifically states in the owner’s manual that snow chains can only be fitted to the rear wheels because of under body or suspension clearance requirements.

diamond pattern snow chains

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